This is our passion in life. To help people be the best they can be, live their own dream and create their own success. Both of us has a lot of experience in what it takes to be a successful athlete, make a buiness career and build a winning team in both sports and in corporations.

We know what it feels like to be forced to quit your athlete career due to injury, to start business, make a buiness career at the same time as you have an athlete career and how to create your new life after your elite career.

That’s why we created this network for every athlete out there to join, to start work with your value and create your future. Both as an athlete and for what is coming after your elite career. Your value is your attitude connected to your name.

What succsess you create with your page, is up to you.

Please check out our personal pages to learn more about us!


Visit my page for more of me.





Visit my page for more of me.






We believe that all humans are equal. And through our openness we want to create an environment where we help each other to be successful.


Great results always happens for a reason. We work with our passion everyday, and that is to help other people succeed. With our background we know what it takes and our commitment is a natural part of who we are.


For us joy is to do what we love. No matter if it´s in your profession or in your personal life. We love to see other people succeed.


We are a part of our clients everyday business. We have a great responsibility towards our different clients and partners, which we are proud of and try to make the best out of. We have designed a product which makes it easy to take responsibility both for us, our clients and our partners.


We all live in a contemporary and we are each other´s habitat. That is something we value and something that we respect.


Without you, this would not have been possible.


  • Naif Bajwa – Actifie
  • Khalif Hassan – Actifie
  • Raage Haij – Actifie
  • Ulf Lauritzen – Barn & hundvakt
  • Mikael Romö – Hangrens Sadelmakeri
  • Marie Strandberg – TRR
  • Olof Hellström – Oakgrove Management 
  • Per Nordling – Söderberg & Partner
  • Anna Ottosson Blixth – Almi
  • Jonny Nissila – Bizmaker
  • Olle Melkerhed – Olle Melkerhed Production
  • Jenny Sandin – Colegica
  • Hotell Södra Berget i Sundsvall



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