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We help you understand the importance of working with your personal brand based on what you want to achieve in your life. Many peopel follow what others decide and not whats realy matters to them.

We close the gap between where you are today – and where you want to be

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We create a new level of you, you have it within you!

Do you know what you want but feel lost and frustrated, we can help you.

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We can help you create your event or charity.

From planning, implementation to follow-up. You choose which parts you want help with!
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Hi, Örjan Eriksson photographer, filmmaker and mediecoach.

What does one like that do, maybe you’re thinking. Brie- fly, i prepare for you – in the best way before meeting the media. We review what you should think of before, during and even … after an interview.

You get the tools to best deliver an interview with the correct attitude in mind. It is about increasing security and understanding the conditions. About -and around your interview, in order to best …not just preserve … but also strengthen your own brand.

The course is of course individualized and before we go together we go through where you stand, what experiences you have before and what you want to achieve.

Of course, I also have a group of custom courses. It may be about individual courses in a couple of hours – to partners for an unlimited period of time. You choose that.

With my 25 years in the media industry and 1000’s interviews – from TV4 and SVT, I have developed a course program that guarantees results.

I have media trained from business executives, school and municipal managers and informers. Everyone is equally surprised at the effective course exercises that are included in the program.

If that sounds interesting? Contact me and we will take it from there. Absolutely unconditional.


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Emil Nilsson, Sports Journalist / Communicator.

Already know what you want to communicate to the world, but struggle to put it on paper? Or maybe you just have a brief idea of what you want your page to contain and need someone to help you deeper into those thoughts. Wherever you are in the process of setting up your platform here at WeAreYou, I’m here to help you write the best possible profile.

I am currently based in Adelaide, Australia but have previously worked as a sports reporter at a small market newspaper like Sundsvalls Tidning and a big market newspaper like Sportbladet. That means I know how hard it is for an athlete to control what gets out in the press, no matter the size of the media outlet. Now it’s your turn to get whatever quotes you want out there, and it’s my job to help you along the way.

I can fill each tab with whatever you desire and can do so in English, Swedish or both depending on who your audience is. We’ll sit down and talk over Skype or FaceTime to gather enough information for me to write a compelling and powerful message in each category.

The price will vary depending on how much you need help with, but to assist you with the entire profile in one language will cost you 3 000 SEK (excluding VAT/moms). Contact me and I’m sure we can figure out a way to make your page as good as it can get.

Phone: +4670–55 45 645



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Wait for it…


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